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Neeko Paluzzi: Unterwegs

Neeko Paluzzi: Unterwegs

Neeko Paluzzi

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Bringing together texts and images from around the world, UNTERWEGS, or the thoughts of a lonesome traveller is an art anthology that explores how travel impacts the work of artists and academics.

Hardcover | Paper: Galerie Art Volume

Printed and bound by KOPA | Kaunas, Lithuania

ISBN 978-0-9959090-0-7 | May 2017


UNTERWEGS features the work of Laura Byrne Paquet, Sarah Anderson, Seth Stevenson, Lauren Mann, Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert, Pedro Isztin, Evening Hymns, Frank Cole, Olivia Johnston, Emma Wieslander, Caspar David Friedrich, and Joseph Leo Koerner.

All images and texts have been used with the written permission of the individual artists and publishers.

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