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SPAO - Annual Publication - Epiphany

SPAO - Annual Publication - Epiphany


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SPAO is proud to announce the launch of our yearly publication, The SPAO Annual! The SPAO Annual is a yearly testament to the dedication and achievements by and for our community, staff, donors, supporters and volunteers, showcasing one cycle of our extensive annual programming. It features over 80 pages of content from the September 2021 - 2022 year including artwork by diploma students, artists-in-residence, gallery exhibitions, and more. 

-Design and layout: Alexander Humilde, Charlie Barker, Jonathan Hobin and Michael Tardioli

-Text edit: Olivia Johnston and Sacha Maclean

-Printed and bound by Mixam

-ISBN: 978-7780673-1-0

-Cover artwork by Ann Piché

Copyright 2022 SPAO Centre

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