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Let Go! The Artist's Way of Cooking

Let Go! The Artist's Way of Cooking

Yves M. Larocque and Monica Marquez

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Inspired by Italian art and cuisine, this book will guide you in your personal adventure to “let go” and become a culinary artist. You will learn how to cook the way artists paint. You will learn how to transform your kitchen into an artist’s studio and your meals into works of art.

This book explains in a simple way the basics of color theory that you can easily apply to your dishes. It also gives practical tips on how to let go and experiment as artists do. The book includes more than one hundred unique and easy to prepare recipes and the tools to create your own. Moreover, each recipe is paired with the appropriate Italian wine.

Let Go! The Artist’s Way of Cooking is intended not only for those interested in cooking, but also for art and art history lovers, Italophiles, lifelong learners and everyone seeking to infuse her or his everyday life with beauty and creativity — two essential ingredients for well-being.

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Year of publication: 2018
314 pp; laminated softcover
Col. ill.; 20.3 x 25.4 cm
In English
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